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Visual Cognition Lab



I have been a postdoc in the Visual Cognition Lab since November 2018. While primarily employed on the airport x-ray baggage screening project with Dr. Greg Davis and Dr. Alex Muhl-Richardson, I have collaborated on several other projects within the lab and take a focus on computational models of psychological processes.

Prior to my work in Cambridge I undertook my PhD at the University of Manchester, investigating sensorimotor control in manual tracking under the supervision of Dr. Warren Mansell, Prof. Sarah Tyson and Dr. Andrew Weightman.


Computational Models


Sensorimotor Control


Key publications: 

Parker, M. G., Willett, A. B.., Weightman. A. P., Tyson, S. F., & Mansell, W. (2020). A systematic evaluation of the evidence for Perceptual Control Theory in tracking studies, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 112, 616-633.

Parker, M. G., Weightman, A. P., Tyson, S. F., Abbott, B., & Mansell, W. (2020). Sensorimotor delay compensation during manual tracking of predictable and unpredictable targets. Experimental Brain Research.

Parker, M. G., Tyson, S. F., Weightman, A. P., Abbott, B., Emsley, R., & Mansell, W. (2017). Perceptual control models of pursuit manual tracking demonstrate individual specificity and parameter consistency. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 79(8), 2523-2537.

Other publications: 

Ramamoorthy, N., Parker, M. G., Plaisted-Grant, K., Muhl-Richardson, A., & Davis, G. (2020) Attention Neglects a Stare-in-the-Crowd: Unanticipated Consequences of Prediction-Error Coding. Cognition

Willett, A. B., Marken, R. S., Parker, M. G., & Mansell, W. (2017). Control blindness: Why people can make incorrect inferences about the intentions of others. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics79(3), 841-849.

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